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New book Abracadabra Tut

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My Work as a Teaching Artist

A teaching artist is an artist (visual, literary, musical, dance, theatrical)

who teaches and integrates his or her art form into arts and non-arts  curricula.  


Teaching artist at work
Teaching artist Page McBrier

BEATRICE’S GOAT   ages 4 - 8


6 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list for children’s picture books


Featured as one of Oprah’s Top 25 Children’s Books of 2001


2001 Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award


2001 Christopher Award for a work that “affirms the highest values of the human spirit”


Currently ranked #15 on Amazon in children’s books about Africa 

Beatrice's Goat
Heifer International 70th anniversary book

New from Heifer

ONE COW AND COUNTING   ages 10 and up
A lively, interactive picture book, filled with layers of humor and information that surround the tale of how one “big idea” allowed Heifer International to spend the last 70 years making a difference in the world. Crowded with well-dressed animals spouting interesting and entertaining captions.
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