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Sammy the Toucan interviews Page McBrier

As a native-born Hoosier, I was honored to be interviewed by Sammy the Toucan, who represents the Indiana Young Reader's Center located in the Indiana State Library. Thanks, Sammy! 

Click here to watch my video!

Chicken and The Worm

Video: Page Harvests the Worms!

For many years, I've kept a large blue Rubbermaid worm compost bin inside my house. Ewww, you say. Disgusting. Doesn't it smell? But hold on! My worm bin grows a special type of worms called red wigglers who produce A LOT of manure. Ewww, you say. Disgusting. But hold on! Did you know that worm manure, known as castings, is one of the world's richest fertilizers? Gardeners call it "black gold." When you scatter it in your garden, your plants and vegetables grow like crazy. And best of all, it doesn't smell. I am not kidding. Worm castings look like crumbly dirt. Click here to watch my video!

NHA book Just between Friends

Chalk Talk: Closing the Experience Gap through Pictures and Poetry

Another story about the Silvermine Arts Center project at the Norwalk Housing Authority featured in Roz McCarthy’s ongoing “Chalk Talk” series for The Hour. Read the article.

Page working with kids at NHS

Norwalk Housing Authority Students Publish Book with Silvermine Arts Center

The NHA runs an after-school enrichment program for middle school students that serves to promote character development and provide exposure to 'real-life' experiences. Recently, students learned how to work with cameras, and then participated in a field trip to the Stamford Nature Center, where they took photos of the farm animals they visited. Once they developed and chose the two photos they wanted to highlight, I worked with them to create poems about their photos. Their completed pieces became a book which is available at the local library. Read the article.

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Meet the Author: Page McBrier

Behind the Book brings authors into NYC classrooms for smaller, more meaningful visits.

Here's a recent interview with me about my writing process that was published on their blog. 

Read about me!


“Arts in the City” features Behind the Book 

This story highlights Behind the Book’s school author visits. I was honored to be interviewed, CUNY-TV and filmed during one of my visits to PS 154 in Harlem.

Watch the Video

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Indie Reader Best Children's Book of 2015

​2015 Indie Reader Discovery Award for Best Children's Book!

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