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NEW Abracadabra Tut




When Fletcher Perry mysteriously wins the bid for a genuine mummy’s coffin at a magician’s tag sale, he decides to use it as a prop in his upcoming magic show at school. Then Fletcher and his new assistant, the mega-popular Arielle Torres, find themselves unexpectedly transported via the coffin back to King Tut’s temple, where Fletcher’s modern-day magic tricks attract the attention of the young king’s guardians. Thinking Fletcher must be a powerful sorcerer, the guardians press him into service as the king’s special protector. Fletcher and Arielle, however, know that Tut is destined to die in his teens, and so the race is on for them to decipher the message on a mysterious amulet, locate their missing coffin, and get home before Fletcher’s magic is revealed to be just so much hocus-pocus.


This time travel adventure takes readers to ancient Egypt during the reign of King Tut - where the action is loaded with stage magic, mystery, chariots, cobras, and historical intrigue.

Chapter Books


Series books that I've written

Many of my early books were series. Some of the series were created and written by me. Some series were “assigned” to me; the publisher gave me an idea, and I had to come up with the stories. Other series were created by someone else and “ghost” written by me. Boo! 

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