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The rewards of worm composting

In this blog, I’ve talked before about the rewards of worm composting, but today I thought I’d post a few photos to illustrate my point.


This is six months worth of worm castings harvested from my 18 gallon Rubbermaid worm bin in early spring. It took me about an hour to sift through the bin after I carefully flipped it over and onto a plastic tarp. The worms burrowed down to the bottom, making it easy for me to collect this great compost.

This is my lovely garden, even in what I consider to be a off year, since I did lots of drastic pruning.


I’ve found that the worm castings really encourage both bloom and height. If you’re wondering why I don’t have a vegetable garden, it’s because the yard is small, and I prefer instead to support small farms by belonging to a CSA. Every Wednesday from June to November, Stoneledge Farms drops off our “share” at a nearby location. My only edible plants are herbs and an Asian pear espalier that has unfortunately been discovered by the squirrels. If anyone has a suggestion on how to keep them off the convenient pear lattice, let me know.

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