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What the *##@** is a Teaching Artist?

I’ve worked in the arts in education field most of my career, but it’s only been in the last 15 years or so that “what I do in the classroom” has been given an official and completely baffling moniker: teaching artist. Most people assume that means I am an art teacher. If you knew me, and had ever seen me wield a piece of chalk or crayon, you would buckle to the floor and wet your pants. Or something.

Teaching Artist

The truth is that teaching artists are ARTISTS in the broadest sense of the definition: dancers, actors, poets, writers, painters, ceramicists and so forth who come into the classroom and work with the teacher to use the arts to enhance the curriculum.

Teaching Artist

Unfortunately, this is only the follow-up elevator speech to the person who says, “My sister is an art teacher.” If someone genuinely wants a follow-up, my best shot is to give a simple explanation of a recent residency.

Teaching Artist Residency

For more information about my Residencies click here or on the SCHOOL PROGRAMS button on this website.

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